About Us


Advanced Biomedical Concept is a privately owned company that distributes medical devices and equipment. 
Our objective is to create value by shaping the opportunities provided by technological innovations, transforming great ideas into global successes. 
We want these new conquests to be decisive and affordable to all. 
We look ahead by listening to advice from clients, from internationally renowned surgeons of proven experience, from hosts of men and women in medicine who are both proactive and respectful of the ethics of their profession. 
Thanks to all this, we seek to set new standards – not just keep up with the old ones.
Our approach is to combine multitasking expertise, with deep knowledge and understanding, matured over the years, of in our various clients’ fields.
Whoever operates in the health sector must respect the same values and adhere to the same principles. 
Today’s new challenges motivate and inspire us. Finding effective solutions for our clients is our greatest reward – one which has no price.

Ethical Vision

Ethics is nothing other than Reverence for Life
Albert Schweitzer

This aphorism from a great Humanitarian perfectly summarizes our philosophy, which we always apply with respect and perseverance, in all our dealings with clients, suppliers, consultants, colleagues and competitors.

Quality is to product what grammatics is to language

Govind Rams

Design, Intellectual property, industrial processes, testing, after-sales support, normative concerns and certification procedures: nothing can be left to chance. These are not mere details but the fundamentals upon which to build the best possible business plan. 

Passion and curiosity drive innovation.”
Dan Brown

This phrase by the famous American author describes us perfectly.  We are always looking for ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our products. 

Our goal is to foresee our clients’ needs by constantly monitoring patients wellbeing, controlling costs and reducing operating times – all this with energy and commitment.

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