Bioshield Pocket® (patented) responds to real clinical needs and operating routines, with elective use in immediate prepectoral breast reconstruction for selective protection of the prosthesis / tissue interface.

Bioshield Pocket ® (patented) meets your real clinical and surgical needs, for elective use in immediate PrePectoral breast reconstruction for the protection of the implant/tissue interface. It benefits from the extraordinary bilayer characteristics of bovine pericardium, known for its low immunogenicity. Based on the ratio and pattern of incisions in the device, it is able to anteriorly cover virtually all sizes and models of breast implants on the market.
Thanks to the superior quality of the raw material and proprietary processing, reflected in better tissue regeneration and cell proliferation1, Bioshield Pocket ® also benefits from a reduced amount of implanted biological mass (up to 50% less). The unique design also revolutionizes the surgical procedure, as the rehydrated membrane allows anterior coverage of the implant in less than five minutes, without the need for time-consuming adaptation procedures that involve lengthy intra-operative time, risk of accidental damage to the silicone implant and protracted handling, with the associated risk of contamination that brings.
The preformed mesh is rehydrated in a sterile tray, included in the package, with the smooth side (intended to accommodate the implant) facing the operator and identified with the letter “P”. The anterior surface of the implant is placed on the membrane, the characteristic “petals” are tightened in a “double purse string” style, on the posterior side of the implant; thanks to the drapability of the material and the mesh configuration, Bioshield Pocket ® wraps the breast implant without any unnecessary or redundant biological mass. The implant and mesh assembly is now ready to be positioned within the breast skin flap pocket , even without the need for chest wall sutures. The high friction coefficient of the fibrous side and the mesh conformation in contact with the skin flap guarantee a remarkable grip.
Bioshield Pocket ® is available without or in a KIT version, including 2 resorbable monofilament PGCL sutures for the preparation of the “purse string” assembly.

Meshed bilayer bovine pericardium membrane

AEPB (F) 140-188SPocket small18 x 14 cm x 0,5 mm
AEPB (F) 160-208SPocket medium20 x 16 cm x 0,5 mm
AEPB (F) 180-228SPocket large22 x 18 cm x 0,5 mm
POCKET SKIT Pocket small18 x 14 cm x 0,5 mm
POCKET MKIT Pocket medium20 x 16 cm x 0,5 mm
POCKET LKIT Pocket large22 x 18 cm x 0,5 mm
Exashape Prepec is a rectangular meshed membrane for pre-pectoral application. Thanks to its expansion ratio, after rapid rehydration it is able to cover implants of all shapes and sizes, with minimum handling and maximum stretchability/drapability , without any change in your technique or operating time, whilst benefiting from the extraordinary performance of the bilayer pericardium.

PREPEC bilayer bovine pericardium membrane

AEPB (F) 108-200SRectangular, meshed20 x 10 cm x 0,5 mm



  • The membrane has two sides, one smooth non-stick and one fibrous.
  • The smooth side must be placed in contact with the implant, and the fibrous side in contact with the skin flap.
  • Rehydrate the Exashape membrane by total immersion in sterile saline solution.